Strange Machines

Exploring the contemporary clarinet

The Strange Machines project grew out of a collaboration between Dark Inventions clarinettist Jon Sage, and flautist and composer Neil Smith. From a few unsolicited sketches, Neil developed a phenomenally difficult solo piece for Jon.

Building on this, the group developed an entire CD of contemporary reactions to the contemporary clarinet and its reinvigorated historical counterpart, the basset clarinet. Percussionist Delia Stevens was brought in for two new duets for basset clarinet and percussion, written by Martin Scheuregger and Christopher Leedham.

The project was realised with funds from the Hinrichsen Foundation, PRSF/Bliss Trust and the Hope Scott Trust.


  • Gra Elliot Carter
  • Rituals Christopher Leedham
  • Strange Machines Neil Tòmas Smith
  • Duft Kaija Saariaho
  • The Package Contents Shall Prevail Martin Scheuregger
  • Lied Luciano Berio