Keeping Time

Poème Symphonique is an iconic 20th century work by György Ligeti, written for 100 metronomes.

Join us for a rare opportunity to hear this unique piece, followed by a talk that uncovers its mysteries and an opportunity to ask questions.

A performance by Jonathan Sage and Delia Stevens features works for clarinet and percussion, picking up on the themes of time and speed. Although very different music, these pieces all share ideas with Poème Symphonique, tackling the ideas of time, chaos and order in different ways. A short talk by Neil Smith, the composer of one of the works, precedes the performance, giving further context for this electrifying music.

This event is an opportunity to hear unique, fun and sometimes bewildering music, with the chance to understand more about it through engaging talks and Q&A with those involved.

Keeping Time: Music, Metronomes, Machines is part of the York Festival of Ideas 2016.