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Stop Motion Music

Tim Rutherford-Johnson explores composer Neil Tòmas Smith's new portrait CD.

Introducing Stop Motion Music

In advance of the release of his portrait CD, Stop Motion Music, composer Neil Tòmas Smith spoke to Dark Inventions directors

‘Strange Machines’

Paul Griffiths teases out some of the confluences, coincidences and curiosities that emerge from this new programme of contemporary clarinet music.

Unboxing the Strange Machine

Composer Neil Tòmas Smith and clarinettist Jonathan Sage chat process, collaboration, and the inspirational qualities of ping pong balls with Dark Inventions' director Christopher Leedham

From Score to Sound

Martin Scheuregger draws out the themes of line and colour that run through the From Score to Sound programme.

Introducing the Firewheel Anthology

Dark Inventions' directors Christopher Leedham and Martin Scheuregger explain the thinking behind the Firewheel project, and introduce the anthology of new pieces that emerged from the project